Using your qualifications

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How to use your qualifications

Adults can use a range of level 3 qualifications to gain entry to a higher education level course e.g BTEC, Advanced Apprenticeship, A levels or sometimes gain entry with few or no qualifications.


Higher Education Institutions value adults' professional experience and life skills. The learning that results from the experience and skills you have gained can sometimes be used to get a place on a course even if you do not have formal qualifications. Find out more in 'Using your experience', however, you can also use a range of qualifications to gain entry - and it's not all about having A levels!

Universities and colleges all set their own entry criteria and are often flexible depending on your experience and qualifications.  For mature applicants, entry routes into higher education can include an Access Course, an exploratory essay, a taster module, a Foundation Year, previous work experience, a level 3 qualification, such as, a BTEC/ NVQ/Advanced Apprenticeship/A level (s), etc.

Check the course entry requirements for your course and contact the university/college to ask for their advice.

Check out the national level of your previous qualifications here.

Qualifications from outside the UK

If you have qualifications awarded in another country, you'll need to find out whether they are recognised in the UK. See the National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC) website for more on comparing overseas qualifications with those gained in the UK.

NARIC: comparing qualifications if you're coming to the UK

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