Getting ready to do a degree

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If you know you want to do a degree in the future but would like to do a course first to help you prepare for study at a higher education level then read on!


There are specific courses which will help you prepare for study at a higher education level e.g. Access to HE Courses, Open University Access Modules and Foundation Year Courses.  You do not usually need qualifications to start these courses but would need to show you have the potential to manage the level of work required. These courses are an excellent way into higher level study for adults.

There are also some opportunities for adults to gain a place on other higher level courses or gain exemptions from part of a course without the usual entry qualifications, using the knowledge and skills gained through experience or previous qualifications.This process is often referred to as Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL).

Find out more in Using your experience.

Before you start exploring complete the NE Career Engine HE Skills Map to see how your existing skills will be valued in higher level study. Use the information to find a course to suit you and to promote yourself on applications.

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